Tim Doyle Now Targets Artist Mitch Breitweiser Because He Supports President Donald Trump

Artist Mitch Breitweiser who previously worked on a number of Marvel books including Captain America, Defenders, Drax the Destroyer and more is the latest target of attacks from Tim Doyle.

And the only thing that provoked this latest attack from Doyle was Mitch’s support of President Donald Trump.

Mitch made his support for the President public following his election in November 2016.

Doyle went out of his way to attack Mitch Breitweiser, who Tweeted out his excitement about his upcoming comic book project, Red Rooster.

That’s when Doyle decided to go after him much like he has done with Ethan Van Sciver and Diversity & Comics by attempting to label Mitch as a fascist because he supports President Trump like millions of other Americans.

Mitch’s wife Elizabeth Breitweiser, a comic book colorist who famously works with Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips as well as Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta, would then call out Doyle for his sickening behavior.

After Elizabeth Breitweiser called him out, Doyle claimed he would leave the thread.

However, he would soon double down on his attack and claim the United States is running concentration camps.

This isn’t the first time Breitweiser has come under attack for his support of the President and his political beliefs.

As That Umbrella Guy points out, Bleeding Cool has run at least two articles targeting Breitweiser for his support of President Donald Trump and his political beliefs.

The first mocks him for losing supposed comic book friends over his support of President Donald Trump and the second attempts to paint him as a villain like Ethan Van Sciver because they stand apart from the overwhelming majority of other comic book creators who were outraged or upset when President Trump fired FBI director James Comey.

What do you make of Doyle’s latest attack? Will he attack any comic book professional who supports Donald Trump? Should legal action be taken against Tim Doyle?

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