Vertigo Comics Writer Rob Sheridan Viciously Attacks Trump Supporters

Rob Sheridan

Newly minted Vertigo Comics writer Rob Sheridan who will be writing High Level for the DC Comics imprint decided to go on a vicious Twitter attack against Donald Trump and Ben Shapiro supporters over the President’s recent immigration policies.

The Twitter attack started when Sheridan responded to a Tweet by Michael Knowles who hosts The Michael Knowles Show at The Daily Wire.

Sheridan personally attacked Knowles with a nasty expletive and then called him a “soulless piece of trash.”

Knowles responded claiming the policy Sheridan advocates for “is directly responsible for the 60-80% rate of rape for women and young girls crossing the border illegaly.”

Sheridan would up the personal attacks calling Knowles “a gaslighting dickstain.” He would then call Knowles and people like him “sad little tribal trashmongers,” before telling him to “Shoot yourself into the sun.”

Then he would attack Knowles and Ben Shapiro, who runs The Daily Wire, as “little white racist elf boys.”

Knowles once again responded writing, “The Left constantly pretends to desire a “national conversation” on various political topics. This is what the Left means by “conversation.”

Sheridan then decided to broadbrush Trump Supporters as “racist psychopaths.”

The back and forth would continue.

Finally, Sheridan concluded that Trump supporters are “promoting ethnic cleansing” as well as “vile racist authoritarian policies.”

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Sheridan is just the latest to attack Trump supporters. Timothy Doyle finally admitted he harassed Ethan Van Sciver for two years because he supported Donald Trump. He also began targeting former Captain America artist Mitch Breitweiser for his support of Donald Trump.

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