Coming Soon…To a Convention in San Diego

DC Films has a new President and a few films in production. 2018 wasn’t a big year, but it contains their next step forward in the shape of AquamanWhile this week saw brand new photos released, audiences still haven’t seen a trailer for the James Wan-directed film. But quickly after that the world will be treated to Zachary Levi and David F. Sandberg’s Shazam!. Like most blockbusters, a few paparazzi photos have surfaced from the production, but what about a trailer?! Well, a new rumor has surfaced about when fans can expect to see Billy Batson in action!

Film Blogger Kellvin Chavez cites sources that say the trailer for Shazam! will debut at next month’s San Diego Comic Con!

San Diego Comic Con certainly is right around the corner. A few of the bigger studios like Marvel Studios and HBO won’t have anything to show, but that’s not going to stop Warner Bros. They need to incite excitement within the fan base, and a great trailer is definitely going to help.

It’s important to remember, that’s when the trailer is going to make its debut. For the folks at the infamous Hall H. But what about everyone at home?

When can YOU watch the Trailer?

Let’s not forget, most of the time the Hall H Comic Conaudience gets to watch a trailer, everyone else doesn’t. Those particular trailers are meant to be exciting preview trailers and sizzle reels for the fans who waited hours and hours in line for a 40-minute panel. It’s a tradition that goes back, well not that far back. But it’s become a massive staple in the entertainment industry.

So, if the trailer for Shazam! debuts at San Diego Comic Con, will everyone else at home be able to watch it? Probably not. Let’s not forget that DC still has another trailer to debut. Aquaman debuts five months before Shazam!, and Warner Bros. won’t want to compete with themselves in terms of excitement. Expect the studio to want to give the world a month or two with the Aquaman trailer before releasing Shazam!’s to the public.

If that ends up happening, you should resist the urge to watch the inevitable cell phone videos of the trailer. The poor resolution diminishes the quality of everyone’s work on the superhero project. Warner Bros. could surprise us all and release both trailers shortly after they debut to the Hall H crowd. Fans are likely skeptical of what DC Films has to offer, but releasing the trailers for their next two projects (or 3 if they include Wonder Woman: 1984?!would display a good amount of confidence. Hopefully, every single one of those trailers lives up to the hype.

Regardless of when the trailer hits, Shazam! arrives in theaters on April 5th, 2019.