The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl artist and now current cover artist Erica Henderson professed her desire to gatekeep the comic book industry.

She made her intentions clear when she responded to DC Comics and Marvel Comics colorist Jordan Boyd who made it abundantly clear he would not regret passing on coloring duties for Ethan Van Sciver’s upcoming Cyberfrog comic book. Cyberfrog has currently raised over $288,000 from 4546 backers of this writing.

Henderson replied stating, “That is not enough money to alienate yourself from most of the professional comics community.”

Henderson is implying that she and her “professional comics community,” which appears to include Boyd and DC Comics writer Christopher Sebela, who Henderson tags in the Tweet, would blacklist anyone who would dare work with Ethan Van Sciver.

Fortunately, Mr. Ritter doesn’t seem to be deterred and is excited to work on the project.

As to why people like Henderson would blacklist people associated with Ethan Van Sciver, Boyd chimes in to explain, “He’s part of a vocal group of right wing comics trolls who actively harass creators they thing are “ruining comics.” Their targets are usually women, LGBTQ, or people of color.”

This is patently false. Ethan Van Sciver is the one who has been relentlessly hounded by the likes of Tim Doyle and Kieran Shiach who campaigned vigorously to get Ethan Van Sciver fired from DC Comics all because he voted for President Donald Trump.

Van Sciver addressed Henderson and Boyd’s gatekeeping tactics on a livestream, around the 24:50 mark, stating:

“Erica, my dear. Get away from me. I would alienate myself from you guys for $5. Stop harassing me. Leave me alone. I’m not going to abandon my friends. My friends are my fans. My friends are people like Diversity & Comics and #Comicsgate. I’m not going to abandon them because they are absolutely right. They are absolutely right.”

He would add:

“I know that you guys started a pressure campaign to get me to walk away from Diversity & Comics who was criticizing your work in particular. I’ve seen his videos where he criticizes your work. I know that you don’t like it. I know you find it offensive. But I find you guys offensive. I find everyone in your little cult, your little Portland, Oregon weirdo cult that makes it difficult for anyone who votes to the right of you in any way, anyone who expresses ideas, thoughts to the right of you in any way. I find you offensive.”

He continues:

“I want to be alienated from you. To be alienated from you, Erica Henderson, and those of you who adhere to Erica Henderson’s way of thinking means a lot of money. To be alienated from you means a successful career as an independent comic book artist free from any shackles, from any chains, from any obligations one might hold to keep their mouth shut in the face of this abuse and political discrimination and harassment. I would like to be alienated from you. I do not need you.”

Van Sciver and Diversity & Comics are shaking up the comics industry with their massive fundraisers and there looks to be more following suit as more and more fans begin putting their hard-earned dollars with independent creators like Van Sciver, Diversity & Comics, Jon Malin, Brett Smith, and Kyle Ritter instead of spending money on Marvel and DC Comics.

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