Comic Crusaders Fires Writer After Nasty Comments Directed at Ethan Van Sciver and Diversity & Comics

Comic Crusaders freelance writer Dusty Good was fired from the website after issuing nasty comments directed toward Ethan Van Sciver, Diversity & Comics, and their thousands of fans and comic book readers.

Good’s comments began as typical trolling. He seemed to be relishing in the attention he was gaining and claimed that it was increasing his reach. However, he wrongfully insinuated that Ethan Van Sciver, Diversity & Comics, and their fans are part of the alt-right.

It quickly turned a dark corner when he began attacking Van Sciver and Diversity & Comics.

He would then insinuate that the two of them are being funded by the Ku Klux Klan associating them and attempting to label them as white supremacists.

Fellow comic book outlet, Bleeding Fool, would call out Dusty Good for his behavior and then ask if this is how Comic Crusaders conducts business with their freelancers.

Good would claim he was issued an ultimatum to either apologize to Ethan Van Sciver and Diversity & Comics or be released as a freelancer.

He would go on to apologize to the fans of Comic Crusaders.

However, he would quickly double down on his attacks by stating he was interested in melting a mic against the “Alt-Right comic fans.”

Comic Crusaders confirmed his termination.

Good would thank Comic Crusaders for three years on the site.

Ethan Van Sciver responded to the whole situation by stating that he would create a video about Dusty Good in order to help Dusty out.

Did Comic Crusaders make the right decision to terminate Dusty Good?

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