CBR Writer Kieran Shiach Echoes IDW’s Justin Eisinger in Advocating for Beheadings

Kieran Shiach

The comic book industry has a major problem. Many of the creators, industry executives, and pundits advocate for violent and vile behavior against their potential customer base all in the name of politics.

The most recent person to call for violence against his political opponents is CBR writer Kieran Shiach. Shiach, who hails from the United Kingdom, decided to call for the beheading of conservatives.

This is a major escalation from Shiach’s previous antics and attacks in the comic book industry which included labeling Ethan Van Sciver a Nazi and campaigning to get him fired for DC Comics. He’s also targeted a number of other comic book professionals including Howard Chaykin and Brian Wood.

Shiach’s call for beheading of conservatives comes just a few days after IDW executive Justin Eisinger insinuated Trump supporters should be sent to the guillotine. He makes a clear reference to Maximilien Robespierre’s rule of terror during the French Revolution which saw around 17,000 people beheaded via guillotine. If you are unfamiliar with French history and Robespierre, he used his political position on the Committee of Public Safety to target and permanently silence his political opponents.

This is absolutely disgusting and abhorrent behavior and should never be tolerated. Shiach is advocating for the deaths of millions of people because they hold conservative views, but has the gall to label Ethan Van Sciver a Nazi and Diversity & Comics a racist, sexist, bigot. It’s truly revolting. I’m almost at a loss of words.

Shiach’s escalation in rhetoric needs to be universally condemned by the comic book industry. This kind of rhetoric and talk should not be tolerated and it must be exposed to show the truly vile intentions people like Shiach and IDW’s Justin Eisinger have for people who disagree with them politically.

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