Silver Surfer Writer Ron Marz Calls For Incivility

Ron Marz

Over the last few days, comic book professionals like Saladin Ahmed have called for denial of service of President Trump supporters while others like Richard Pace expressed support for public harassment of Trump officials and supporters. Others like Justin Eisinger at IDW made veiled references for public executions via guillotine by citing the French Revolution.

Annother comic book professional is getting in on the act. Writer Ron Marz, who has written Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Star Wars, Superman, and John Carter, said people should “expect no civility. Expect no peace.”

Unsurprisingly, no evidence of any of the accusations laid out in the Tweet were presented. Marz’s Tweet comes after several Trump administration officials and members of Congress were harassed in public including Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

It didn’t take long for other users on Twitter to point out the logical flaws to his argument.

My question to these ‘Pros’ is simple. Is the alienation of your fans worth descending down the derangement rabbit hole? Others have even gone as far as to claim they don’t have customers and they don’t create products. It’s a bizarre argument that completely ignores the reality of the consumer/creator relationship. And how far is this going to go?  CBR writer Kieran Shiach has already begun calling for beheadings of his political opponents.

It doesn’t seem like the storm within the comic book world is going to die down any time soon.

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