DC Universe is rolling out the big guns today. Not only did they make a huge announcement revealing tons of details about their upcoming streaming service, but they also gave us two new looks at Brenton Thwaites’ Robin. And now we are getting our first look at the Young Justice: Outsiders team.

Young Justice: Outsiders is the continuation of DC’s fan-favorite animated series Young Justice. This new series will continue as the third season of Young Justice. In this upcoming third season the heroes will deal with meta-trafficking and an intergalactic arms race for control of super-powered youths.

From left to right starting with the bottom row the team includes Static a.k.a Virgil Hawkins, Wonder Girl a.k.a Cassandra Sandsmark, Robin a.k.a Tim Drake, and Spoiler a.k.a Stephanie Brown. On the top row from left to right the members include Blue Beetle a.k.a Jaime Reyes, Kid Flash a.k.a Bart Allen, Thirteen, and Arrowette. Thirteen is a brand new character specifically for the show. Arrowette is a newly recruited member to the team.

DC had previously released an image when they announced the return of the show back in July of 2017 that also included Arsenal and Beast Boy. However, it doesn’t appear they will be part of the team at the beginning of the season.

Arsenal was previously part of the team after he was released from captivity. However, he was kicked off the team for endangering the lives of his teammates. He was eventually offered a spot again, but declined preferring to stay solo.

Beast Boy was actually a member of the team in previous seasons so its strange he’s no longer being included in this most recent photo showing the team.

What do you think of this new line-up? What other superheroes do you think they will encounter as they face down the villains who are trafficking in super-powered youths?