Diversity & Comics Launches Iron Sights Graphic Novel Fundraiser!

Iron Sights

On the heels of his wildly successful Jawbreakers – Lost Souls graphic novel IndieGoGo which raised over $358,000 dollars, Diversity & Comics is launching a brand new IndieGoGo for his Iron Sights graphic novel.

Diversity & Comics made the announcement via YouTube:

Iron Sights is a 120 page graphic novel that already has all of its interior art completed. The art was completed by Ibai Canales with a story by Richard C. Meyer and Carlos Ivan Silva. While the art is complete, the book still needs to be completely lettered.

The IndieGoGo describes the project as “a hard-boiled action drama set on the border…told in the trashy tone and fun style of a 1990s Straight-To-Video DVD!” Diversity & Comics describes it as a Rambo-style team-up that takes place on the Mexican border. He doesn’t mince around and explains there is a ton of action on the border describing it as a “straight up border shoot’em up.” He goes on to detail there there is a lot of snipers and close arm combat with some hand to hand combat scenes.

There’s quite a cast of characters in the story including Ramadi, Woods, Esme, and Zick.

Ramadi is an Iraq War veteran addicted to the thrill of combat.

Woods is also a military veteran. However, he’s worked on a number of clandestine Special Forces operations in Central and South America. He’s also worked for the Mexican drug cartels.

Esme is a young woman targeted by the cartels who needs help from anyone willing to give it.

Zick is also a veteran. He’s a former Marine Scout/Sniper and Wood’s former protégé. Their relationship was rocked when he gave away their position. As punishment Woods ripped his tongue out with a pair of pliers.

The first chapter of the story is available to read on the IndieGoGo.

Reward Tiers

$20 Graphic Novel

$40 Graphic Novel plus Esme Poster by Sasha Perdigao

Iron Sights

Esme Poster by Sasha Perdigao

The initial goal for the project was $10,00. As of this writing, it’s already raised $28,907 from 779 backers.

Will you be supporting Diversity & Comics’ Iron Sights?