Timothy Lim Reveals Donald Trump’s Space Force Suit Design!

Chuck Dixon, Mark Pellegrini, Timothy Lim, and Brett R. Smith are hard at work for their upcoming new book, Trump’s Space Force. Lim has already revealed the design for Space Force One, and he just recently unveiled Donald Trump’s new Space Force suit.

Here’s a better look:

And here’s the one where both he and Melania are fully geared up.

As you can tell it’s a very patriotic outfit with the American flag emblazoned on his right pant leg and the red, white, and blue on his left pant leg. He also has white stars surrounded by blue on his gloves and shoulder pads.

On his back is a primary electrolysis chamber and nitrogen fuel cell. He also has a pouch on his right arm. He will also carry a remote master control for the USSF James Marshall’s auxiliary functions. THe USSF James Marshall also goes by Space Force One. On his belt he has a secondary hydrogen fuel cell and oxygen reserve. Finally, he wields a Ernstworks “Starburst” Rifle. The aliens and The Establishment better watch out!

Along with these Space Force suits, Lim revealed the Aydin Paladins which he describes as the Mech division of Trump’s Space Force.

And here’s an Aydin Paladin unit fully colorized by Brett R. Smith.

Here’s a good look:

Aydin Paladins

Are you excited about Trump’s Space Force? What do you make of the suit designs and the mech units?

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