AfterShock Comics Announces The Last Space Race!

The Last Space Race

AfterShock Comics just announced their latest series, The Last Space Race, by writer Peter Calloway, artist Alex Shibao, colorist Natalia Marques, and letterer Marshall Dillon.

Calloway is a writer on a number of comic book television shows. He’s credited for the teleplay of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger as well as two episodes of FX’s Legion. He also served as a co-executive producer on Legion.

The Last Space Race

The new series will follow Sasha Balodis, a fun-loving tech billionaire turned aerospace titan, as he faces off against his arch-rival and competitor Roger Freeman to reach an anomaly in space that turns out be a giant alien space ship. The race is on to see who can get to the ship first!

The Last Space Race

Calloway gives us some details on what we can expect:

“A massive object — the size of Manhattan — enters the solar system.  It isn’t a threat, going to harmlessly sail in and out near orbit of Saturn. But then the mysteries begin to pile up. Its trajectory isn’t effected by Saturn. Its infrared signature is brighter than it should be. When Hubble is turned toward it to get a high resolution picture, the truth comes out. It is a massive alien space ship. But, oddly, it’s not responding to any hails. Who built it? Why is it here? What does it want? And perhaps most importantly: how many technological secrets can be learned by the first ones that get there. Thus launches humanity’s LAST SPACE RACE.”

The Last Space Race

His book also reflects the current state of space exploration within the United States:

“While the US government has given up (see: the end of Space Shuttle missions), there are several people who haven’t. Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos. Richard Branson. It’s private citizens that have taken over the quest for space exploration. And THE LAST SPACE RACE reflects that: they are ones who are racing to get there. If, of course, they ever do.”

The Last Space Race

The Last Space Race #1 hits comic book shelves on October 9, 2018. It will feature two covers. The first is by Alex Shibao and Natalia Marques. The second is by Juan Doe.

You can check those out right here:

The Last Space Race The Last Space Race

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