Michelle Perez Wants to Silence Us – It Won’t Work

Michelle Perez

Writer of Image Comics’ The Pervert Michelle Perez recently decided to shoot off a series of tweets. Perez’s goal was to try and silence our site by advocating for publishers and creators to stop collaborating with us. Perez’s reason appears to be that she disagrees with a number of our opinions and that we report on the violent threats that creators like Perez have shown toward fans and other creators.

Perez made it exceptionally clear why Bounding Into Comics was targeted.  Michelle claims the “site exists to basically whip up right wing antagonism.” What Michelle, of course, doesn’t say is all of our reporting is cited and uses hard evidence. Things that journalists normally are supposed to do.

Claiming we’re building up right-wing antagonism is beyond silly. We report on the behavior of people like Perez and if it’s over the line, threatening, or violent, we aren’t afraid to condemn it and call it out.

For example, if a movie director like Peter Ramsey is foolish enough to openly support a terrorist group like Antifa, we aren’t going to be afraid to report on it because consumers have the right to know that the director of a movie that actually looks pretty good based on the trailers supports a known terrorist organization.

Perez didn’t stop there. In another Tweet, Perez’s lack of honesty and credibility is exposed when she paints me as “defending” R. Kelly.

In no way did I defend R. Kelly. The article is about CBR writer Kieran Shiach’s constant harassment of comic book professionals and his goal of ruining their careers and driving them out of the industry. In this case he was targeting Brian Wood and advocating he be deplatformed on comiXology over an unproven accusation. I merely stated the facts about R. Kelly. He had been found innocent and has been accused of running a sex cult, which has not been proven. I don’t know about you, but I still believe in innocent until proven guilty.

Perez appears to be advocating for the abolition of due process and undermining a core principle of our nation.

But what’s even more telling is that Perez tries to insinuate that article was written by my editor. I’ll say it. They felt comfortable going after him because he’s white. I’ve written extensively about Comicsgate. Yet, I sure didn’t see my name thrown in the mix. Instead, it seems that Perez took extra steps to insulate that our editor was the sole source of the reporting.

This cowardly act of narrative manipulation only reinforces the point that they feel that they have a right to go after people under false pretenses. In their own twisted reality, if you’re of a certain ethnicity you must have a pre-subscribed political viewpoint. If not, then you don’t exist to them.

After Perez’s attempt to silence us by targeting our collaborators, Image Comics’ Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #1 writer Cheryl Lynn Eaton also advocated for attempting to silence us by targeting our collaborators.

Eaton makes it exceptionally clear that only people with the “correct” opinion should be allowed a platform.

Eaton then insinuates we are engaged in piracy. This is absurd and completely false.

Michelle Perez and Cheryl Lynn Eaton targeted us because we are a threat. We are providing a perspective the comic book industry hasn’t seen in a long time. Her attempts to silence us will not work. We will not be silenced.

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