DC Comics and Marvel Comics Colorist Calls Customers and Fans “Trash”

Tamra Bonvillain

DC Comics and Marvel Comics colorist Tamra Bonvillain decided to insult comic book fans and customers calling them “trash.”

Bonvillain colors DC Comics’ Doom Patrol. Tamra colors Multiple Man and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur as well as a number of covers for Marvel Comics.

Bonvillain specifically targeted fans and customers who identify with the Comicsgate label, many of which support both DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Tamra Bonvillain was joined by Emma Houxbois who currently writes for comic news site, Comicosity.

The discussion quickly turned from calling all people who identify with Comicsgate “trash” to specifically calling Diversity & Comics a.k.a Richard C. Meyer “trash.”

Bonvillain and Houxbois aren’t the only ones to attack comic book fans. Marc Lombardi who promotes Shadowline Comics, which publishes through Image Comics also had a few choice words to say about fans who support Comicsgate.

Shadowline Comics include Rat Queens, The Hunt, Faster Than Light, Power Lines, and Pencil Head.

Those who support Comicsgate have made it very clear they not only support a myriad of creators who are running IndieGoGo and KickStarter campaigns like Diversity & Comics, Ethan Van Sciver, Timothy Lim, Chuck Dixon, and Mitch Breitweiser, but they also support DC, Marvel, and Image Comics. They make that support clear via #MoveTheNeedle on Twitter:

Does Tamra Bonvillain and Emma Houxbois really think the folks above who love comics and buy them on a weekly basis are “trash?” Are these folks “hateful comicsgate a**holes” as Marc Lombardi says? Does Tamra Bonvillain speak for Marvel and DC Comics? Do they think their customers are “trash?” Does Shadowline Comics and Image Comics think their customers are “hateful comicsgate a**holes?”

If one thing is clear many fans are supporting independent projects like Jawbreakers – Lost Souls, Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney, Red Rooster: Golden Age, Trump’s Space Force and more. And given that the comic book industry posted a decline in sales over the past year, creators shouldn’t be insulting their customers who are finding other places to spend their money.

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