EXCLUSIVE: Ethan Van Sciver Reveals New Details About Cyberfrog and Salamandroid’s Mother!


Ethan Van Sciver recently released a brand new image of Kjell Sinn, the Mother Ship. She also happens to be Cyberfrog and Salamandroid’s mother in Van Sciver’s upcoming Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney graphic novel.

He gave us a few brief details about her with the new image letting us know that she lives in a swamp and directs the navigation systems and rapid evolve powers of both Cyberfrog and Salamandroid.

We wanted to learn more about the character and reached out to Ethan Van Sciver to get the scoop.

You might remember Kjell Sinn from the original Cyberfrog series, well there’s going to be some big changes! Van Sciver explains:

“CYBERFROG BLOODHONEY will retell the origin story, but Kjell Sinn is the living spacecraft that brought the twin fetal energy masses that became Cyberfrog and Salamandroid to Earth.

A highly advanced and sophisticated alien civilization knew of the impending and destructive multiworld invasion of the Vzpyz.

Having once defeated the Vzpyz themselves, they took it upon themselves to send protectors to the worlds that would soon face this destructive swarm.

This noble race of aliens reproduces, and then the fetus gestates outside of the womb. It’s an energy mass that is educated in a incubator until it’s time to be “born”, at which time it is expelled and exposed to it’s parents. It combines their hereditary features and becomes one of them.

These aliens planned to send these fetal masses to these worlds that they anticipated would be invaded by the Vzpyz, in living spacecrafts like Kjell Sinn. Kjell educated the mass that was to become Cyberfrog and Salamandroid in the ways of being a human from New York City along the way.

The energy mass was meant to combine a human with Sinn, making an awesome CyberHuman to defend our world against the Swarm invasion. But it landed in a swamp instead, and imitated the first two life forms it found. A frog and a salamander.”

While Kjell Sinn looks pretty massive in the released image, Ethan tells us, “She’s not THAT big. About the size of a single engine plane, or the rig of a tractor trailer. She hides submerged in a small body of swamp water, if that helps you picture her size.”

And just where is that swamp located? Ethan explains, “It’s in an undisclosed spot somewhere in upstate New York. It’s completely ordinary. You’d never know if you walked past it.”

But there’s more to it than just an undisclosed location, Kjell Sinn actually has a cloaking technology, “And she uses a mild cloaking device, yes. She’s also been seen to have similar weaponry to the sort that Cyberfrog is able to evolve, so she’s quite capable of defending herself if necessary.”

As to the types of abilities she has and how she interacts with Cyberfrog and Salamandroid Ethan reveals “it’s more akin to a sort of alien WiFi or satellite.”

He continues:

“Kjell Sinn in plugged into every living thing on planet earth, and collects data about the impending crisis that Cyberfrog was sent to Earth to prevent. Meanwhile, she puts him to work helping people, solving problems, fighting superpowered criminals, etc. She directs him to places where he might be most useful, and if the problem is bigger than one frog can handle, she “adapts” his weapons and armor real quick.”

And while Ethan describes her as a “compassionate and protective friend to Cyberfrog and Salamandroid.” Her sons don’t seem to feel the same way about her. We asked if they might use Kjell Sinn as a base of operations and Ethan was very blunt with us, “No, they rarely visit, in fact. Bad sons.”

Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney is currently raising funds on IndieGoGo. It has currently raised over $436 thousand dollars.

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