Deadpool 2 Makeup Designer Reveals New Look at Omega Red!

Omega Red

Deadpool 2 introduced us to a number of new mutants on the big screen including Cable, Domino, Bedlam, Shatterstar, Zeitgeist, Black Tom Cassidy, and more.

Not only did we see a makeshift team of the X-Force as well as major players like Cable and Domino appear, but we were also introduced to a maximum security prison that housed a ton of of mutants who were being kept under lock and key. One of those mutants will appear in the upcoming Mega Fan screening of Deadpool 2 that Fox will debut at San Diego Comic-Con this upcoming week is Omega Red.

Deadpool 2 Makeup Designer Bill Corso revealed our new look at Omega Red to his Instagram.

He wrote:

“To elebrate the Comic Con showing of our special, Mega Fan only, ‘Deadpool 2: the Unrated Cut’, I’ve decided to show the, blink and you’ll miss them, Mutant Villains of the Ice Box Prison. Some characters from the Marvel Universe hidden here are Omega Red, and various others from sifting through the FOX approved X-Men Universe. Although I oversaw all, all these Characters were created by Andrew Clement and his team at Creative Character Engineering.”

The character was depicted by New York Jets rookie Dakoda Shepley. Shepley had previously posted on Instagram back in May that he would be playing Omega Red.

There will be a deleted scene in the Deadpool 2 Blu-ray called “Chess with Omega Red” that we can only assume will feature the character. It will also more than likely make fun of Charles Xavier and Magneto’s chess matches which have been featured in nearly all of the X-Men films.

Shepley spoke with the New York Post about playing Omega Red.

“It was crazy. If you fit the description of what they were looking for, they would hire you on the spot — no interview, no audition.”

He would go on to say that he could have had a larger role in the film if it wasn’t for his NFL training camp schedule. Shepley said, “I told them, ‘I have to play football. I’m not an actor yet.'”

Are you excited to see what Omega Red will get up to in the Deadpool 2: The Unrated Cut?

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