Lion Forge Appoints Gail Simone As Architect of Superhero Line ‘Catalyst Prime’

Gail Simone

Lion Forge launched their superhero line Catalyst Prime last year with a focus on “increasing diversity and representation in the genre.” A year later, they are appointing comic book writer Gail Simone, who is currently writing Marvel Comics’ Domino and DC Comics’ Plastic Man, as their chief architect of the line.

The Catalyst Prime comic book line features Noble, Accell, Superb, Incidentals, Astonisher, Kino, and Summit.

Simone was excited about appointment as she told The Hollywood Reporter, “I can barely express my excitement over this, and I want to thank Lion Forge for inviting me to play in this amazing new toybox. Everywhere you look, there’s something new and thrilling in this universe. And what we are planning is unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere.”

While Simone will take over as the architect for Lion Forge she will remain on Domino.

She also announced she will be revealing more information at San Diego Comic-Con which begins later tonight.

Lion Forge President Geoff Gerber released a statement about Simone’s appointment to chief architect:

“Gail Simone’s ability to write some of the most compelling superhero characters of our time in storylines and universes that were created three-quarters of a century before her contributions speaks to her talent as a writer. Her leadership on representation of women in superhero comics speaks to her fit with Lion Forge and its mission distilled in our slogan as ‘Comics for Everyone.’ It is inspiring to think what she will be able to do with the amazing team of current creators working on Catalyst Prime when we set her loose on an emerging universe conceived and executed for a contemporary audience that, from its inception, has been inclusive and entertaining.”

Lion Forge founder David Steward II added:

“Bringing Gail Simone aboard this ever-growing line up of heroes is one of the most exciting developments since Carl Reed and I first conceived of these characters. There is no one more qualified to bring even more energy, excitement and innovation to this universe, and we are thrilled to have her unique voice and expertise as we continue to create comics for tomorrow today.”

Joining Simone on working on the line will be Christopher Priest, who co-wrote the first issue of the Astonisher series. Priest will take over writing duties for Astonisher #10. Rodney Barnes will be writing a new series Quincredible set to release in November.

Solicitations for Astonisher #10 and Quincredible #1

Astonisher #10

W) Christopher Priest (A) Al Barrionuevo (CA) Jamie Grant, Jim Calafiore
As Magnus’ journey continues, he finds himself at a crossroads between his old life and the new one he envisions for himself. With his mother, Olivia, out of commission due to a sudden illness and his brother, Drew, locked away for his crimes, Magnus has been forced to do the one thing he never wanted to do: be the CEO of AtiSat Corp.

Quincredible #1

(W) Rodney Barnes, (A) Selina Espiritu, (CA) Michelle Wong
Quinton, a high school sophomore, is looking to live his best life by moonlighting as a superhero. The catch? His power is invulnerability … and that’s the only power he has.

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