San Diego Comic-Con: Close Up Look at Shazam Costume and Billy Batson Outfit!!

Shazam and Billy Batson

San Diego Comic-Con is finally here and we are getting lots of new looks at a number of the DC Films including Aquaman and Shazam! We just got to see a real good look at the Black Manta costume as well as Jason Momoa’s Aquaman suit. Now, we are getting a look at Zachary Levi’s Captain Marvel suit and Billy Batson’s outfit for the Shazam! film.

However, there is a key difference in this suit and the official image of Captain Marvel and Freddy Freeman that was previously released. This costume doesn’t have any of the red interlaced with Captain Marvel’s boots. Instead it’s just a pure boot.


Freddy Freeman and Billy Batson will certainly have different looks. While Freddy rocks the blue jacket and the brown shirt, Billy appears to have a brown jacket, a red hoodie, and a gray shirt with a black beanie top. He’s also rocking some Chuck Taylor All-Stars, while Freddy appears to have on some kind of boot.

Billy’s design is slightly different from the comics. The beanie is definitely a new addition as is the brown jacket. Batson is usually depicted with a red sweater over top a yellow shirt.

Billy Batson

Although in the animated series Young Justice he had a red sweater over top a white shirt.

What do you make of Billy’s design? And do you think we will see both versions of the Captain Marvel outfit with the different boots?

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5, 2019.

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