Superman Artist Shane Davis Saves Woman Getting Attacked At San Diego Comic-Con

Shane Davis

Superman artist Shane Davis who worked on Superman/Batman, Superman: Earth One, Justice League, Green Lantern, and more posted a video to his personal YouTube where he confronts a man who was kicking a woman in what looks like a garage at San Diego Comic-Con.

Davis begins the video on a pair of steps and then walks around a corner. That’s when you hear a woman screaming saying, “He hit me. He hit me.” You can hear Davis telling the man to “Stop.” He also tells him, “don’t kick her.” Davis then says, “You kicked her, I saw you.” The man claims the woman threw something at him. However, it’s unclear if that actually occurred as Davis says he only saw him kicking her.

You can hear the man then tell the woman or possibly Shane, “Leave me the f*** alone. Get the f*** out of here.”

Shane then goes over to the woman and asks if she is okay. The woman says she’s okay and lets him know she is planning on leaving. He then asks the woman if her leg is okay. You can hear the woman and man still yelling at each other in the background. The woman yells, “F*****!” While the man responds, “Leave me the f*** alone.”

The man then clearly tells Shane, “She threw that s*** at me.” You can hear Shane say, ” I understand she’s throwing s*** at you.” However, he tells the man, “You still shouldn’t be hitting a woman.” He then offers him some advice, “Then walk away, don’t hit her.”

Shane then explains what happens, “This is Comic-Con. A woman getting attacked. A guy kicking her. And this is the crazy thing as I walk up a couple flight of stairs, here’s people camping out for toys as a woman is getting attacked. That’s Comic-Con.”

It definitely appears the situation is more complicated than you might originally think. It looks like both the woman and the man were in the wrong as the woman was throwing objects at the man, and he in turn was kicking her. Thankfully, Shane was there to diffuse the situation.

We reached out to Shane Davis for comment but did not hear back at the time of printing.

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