Marvel and Fox Release The Gifted Season 2 Trailer at San Diego Comic-Con!

The Gifted

The Gifted is coming back for season 2 and Marvel and Fox released the first trailer for the sophomore season of the show at San Diego Comic-Con. It will be called “Dawn of the Mutant Age.”

Take a look:

Marvel and Fox promise the “mutant age starts now,” with the new trailer. There’s a whole lot going on in the trailer. Polaris is still pregnant and it looks like she will be giving birth to her child during this season.

However, she’s also being recruited into a much more militant organization of mutants led by Reeva Payge. The character is an obscure mutant who was the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club in X-Men Annual Vol. 2 #3. She appeared as a member of the inner circle when Shinobi Shaw took over leadership from his father Sebastian Shaw. Her powers included mental balance distortion which allowed her to distort perceptions of reality. She could even induce dizziness and hallucinations. It also appears that Andy Strucker is now a blonde and part of Payge’s team.

Polaris’ powers also seem to be expanding as it looks like she’s taking down an entire city’s power grid.

It definitely appears the main point of conflict won’t be with the government this season, but with Payge’s more militant organization. However, the government isn’t going away as we see multiple clips of them performing raids.

There also look to be a number of other developments as Stephen Moyer’s  Reed Strucker appears to have gain abilities. Blair Redford’s John Proudstar enters some king of underground fighting ring. Maybe the biggest surprise is a new mutant shows up and tells everyone, “Welcome to the real Underground.” It’s unclear who this mutant is, but my best guess is that it could be Bishop.

One thing is clear it definitely appears that Fox has upped the production level on the show from Season 1 and we will get to see much more of the mutants powers.

Season 2 is looking better than Season 1!

The second season of The Gifted will premiere on September 25 on Fox. Will you be watching?

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