Ron Marz Smears Diversity & Comics and ComicsGate With Assault Video!

Ron Marz

Ron Marz, the Editor-In-Chief of Ominous Press, took his attacks against Diversity & Comics and ComicsGate supporters to the next level when he compared them to a man hitting a woman in the face and allegedly throwing an ash tray at her face.

Marz clearly targeted ComicsGate supporters saying, “Surely he only wanted better comics without all that forced diversity. Surely.” It’s a direct comparison to the man in the video who hits the woman.

Diversity & Comics was quick to respond on Twitter with a succession of Tweets.

He would go on to make a video about it as well:

Others showed their complete distaste towards Marz and his disgusting comparison and smear job.

One person did decide to take Ron’s defense and doubled down on his comparison.

This isn’t the first time Ron has gone out of his way to disparage people he doesn’t agree with. Just last month, Marz called for incivility after Sarah Sanders was kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant for working for President of Donald Trump. He would write, “expect no civility. Expect no peace.” It appears he’s sticking to that promise as comparing ComisGate supporters to this man assaulting the woman is anything but civil. As many others have said it’s absolutely reprehensible.

Fans demanding a better product and criticizing the current product is absolutely not comparable to this man hitting a woman. It’s shameful, disgusting, and low.