The story of Jeremy Hambly’s assault at GenCon has now shifted from the realm of the internet to the American legal system as Hambly prepares to take a stand against his attacker. While opponents continue to denigrate and insult Hambly over his assault and GenCon refuses to address the situation, a prominent ComicsGate figure has rallied supporters around Hambly, showing solidarity in the fight against what can be called political violence.

Ethan Van Sciver, the former Green Lantern and current Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney artist, has opened a gofundme campaign to raise funds to help pay for Hambly’s legal services, as “Jeremy lacks the means to sue him in a civil court, and we feel money shouldn’t be the reason Jeremy shouldn’t be the reason his attacker isn’t punished to the fullest extent of the law.” The crowdfunding campaign is looking to raise $10,000 for Hambly’s potential legal services.

Hambly himself has stated that he did not want to pursue legal action, but merely sought for his assailant to be banned from GenCon and face potential jail time. After discussing the wide spread implications of the assault with members of his fellow community, Hambly will seek to pursue a civil suit in an effort to set precedent regarding such commonly lauded and encouraged acts of political violence against those unfairly deemed nazis, racists, or dangerous, simply for having a dissenting opinion.

Ironically, those who support the attack on Hambly have found themselves divided, as they cannot seem to agree on whether he deserved the attack, or that it happened at all.

Though his opponents sought to threaten and divide the Comicsgate movement, Hambly’s attack had the opposite effect, and has united supporters in support of Hambly. As of writing, the GoFundMe for Hambly has reached its goal of $10,000 in under 24 hours, with more donations pouring in by the minute, with the current total sitting at $10,475. The demographic of his supporters ranges in age, ethnicity, gender, and political ideologies, but all share the common goal of abolishing personal violence as an answer to political disagreements.

As we wait for further updates to the situation, we also wait to see how the case will affect modern discourse. Will the call to punch anyone who disagrees be legally approved, or will Hambly’s attacker face the consequences of his actions? Regardless of the outcome, this case will prove to be a monumental event in the campaign of Comicsgate and in modern discourse.

If you’d like to make a donation to Hambly’s legal case, please follow this link to his gofundme: