Summer is normally a time for people to take trips and spend some quality time together. But like all things in the 21st century, no one can do anything without offending someone. And it seems that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the latest person to come under fire. His crime? Taking his family to visit a Georgia Aquarium.

Taking to Instagram, Dwayne Johnson posed with a beluga whale and a sea lion during his family’s visit. You can check out the posts below:


It didn’t take long for the comments section of his posts on Instagram to be flooded with angry people who felt that his trip with his family equated to a black and white advocation of animals in captivity. Because we know a normal family trip just isn’t a thing in the summer.

Here’s a taste of some of the comments:

“Some people enjoy raping and murdering. I don’t need to see it [email protected] and neither will my kids.”

“First of all, bad for you to go to this “aquariums” where belugas are stolen from the wild and put them into smaller places to perform. They are no glad to see you btw! ?❌l”

“wow … disappointing! Do some research. This is the equivalent of you being put in a jail cell your entire life and being forced to perform for food.”

“Not a fan of this pic. Too bad it’s held captive so the owner can put it on display and make money from it, this is no different than an animal circus which many people find cruel.”

“No!!! Don’t support the capture and enslavement of these beautiful sentient creatures!!”

“This animal is indeed beautiful and this is cruelty. Please don’t post pictures with beautiful creatures imprisoned and suffering. All people with half a brain and a heart know, that this will continue until NOONE pays for this cruelty anymore and no one wants to see such pictures!!!”

“So disappointed… @therockWhere is your compassion? Completely disrespectful to „an intelligence & beautiful animal“…”

“I like you really. But that’s disapointing. Not funny. NOT awww. It’s f****** captivity in tiny tanks and you support this….”

“gosh, you are naive. I suppose slaves loved their lives too, right?”

Though it’s understandable to want to advocate for the proper treatment of animals, what Dwayne Johnson and his family are doing is no different than what many Americans do every summer. One also has to keep in mind that these Aquariums are a wonderful place for future scientists to spark their interest.

As we see in the photos Johnson is very happy and enthusiastic about his family’s visit to the aquarium. What was supposed to be a simple and fun day at the aquarium turned into activists trying to impose their own views on Dwayne Johnson.

Johnson hasn’t commented on the brewing controversy of his visit.

Do you agree with the activists criticisms of The Rock or do you think he should be allowed to enjoy a family trip in peace?