Comic Crusaders Writer Advocates Increased Violence in Wake of The Quartering’s Attack at Gen Con!

Chelsea Pendragon Comic Crusaders

Comic Crusaders writer, Chelsea Pendragon, wrote an op-ed (Archive link: advocating for increased violence specifically against Jeremy Hambly who runs The Quartering YouTube channel.

Hambly was attacked outside the Tin Roof bar in Indianapolis according to a police report obtained by the Indianapolis Star. Hambly believes the attack was ideologically motivated based off a disagreement off of the content he talks about on his YouTube channel.

In Pendragon’s op-ed, she specifically calls for more violence against Hambly.

“I do not condone violence in most situations, I feel as though our words should be powerful enough to convey our messages and invoke change, but sometimes this is not the case. Sometimes our words, voting with our wallets and refusal to entertain the rhetoric we disagree with falls upon deaf ears. And if that rhetoric is dangerous to others?
Well, I won’t be losing any sleep over the fact that a fist made the point a bit more clear.”

Pendragon goes on to explain why she is advocating for violence against Hambly.

Jeremy Hambly is the one who dogwhistled the reactive portion of the community and attempted to destroy careers, sabotaged the safety and peace of mind of a very good friend of mine, and started a smear campaign against a group of shop owners who exercised their right to speak to a publisher about a future book that isn’t even available to pre-order to the direct market yet. These are not chains. These are individual businesses and they have the right to refuse service to anyone they please or question the services they provide. They have the right to publicly denounce the creator. Let it be noted that several shop owners even agreed to allow customers to order the books and have them shipped to their respective LCS. They simply wouldn’t carry them in stock for those who walk in off the street. That’s Freedom of Speech, right?

Pendragon fails to mention that these comic book shop owners colluded with each other in a private Facebook group in order to boycott Diversity & Comics’ Jawbreakers – Lost Souls from being carried in their stores.

Pendragon then calls Hambly’s actions “repeated acts of terrorism.”

Your freedom of speech does not free you from the consequences of that speech, and sometimes that means unpleasant things happen. No one was killed, seriously injured and no places of businesses were specifically targeted. A few knuckles vs repeated acts of terrorism seems like a mild trade-off for the type of fanatical internet cult these fans have created.

In fact, Pendragon ends her article calling for violence:

“So punch a f****** Nazi. Cap did it!”

In what world did Jeremy commit acts of terrorism?

This call for violence comes on the heels of numerous comic book professionals like Ron Marz and Greg Rucka calling for incivility and the restriction of the first amendment. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse director Peter Ramsey also endorsed violence by throwing his support behind the terrorist organization Antifa.

The Quartering responded to the personal attack masquerading as a op-ed on his YouTube channel.

But Hambly wasn’t the only person smeared in this “article.”

Pendragon decided to attack the thousands of fans who support #ComicsGate, #MoveTheNeedle, #GamerGate, and #MagicGate.

“These same folks, the ones who have caused so much harm to others, have called themselves inclusive. They say they aren’t against diversity, they support women and they aren’t homophobic. But all of the evidence points to the contrary, and it isn’t even their fault all of the time. Because as a society we have so deeply embedded the white hetero superiority in our arts that even tokenism diversity is heralded as progression. We’ve taught them that you can separate the art from the artist, the politics from the story, and that nothing will happen.”

The writer doesn’t point to any evidence. Yet there is plenty of evidence showing how diverse the #ComicsGate movement is. [easyazon_link identifier=”B002XR84Q0″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Cyberfrog[/easyazon_link] creator Ethan Van Sciver recently posted a video to his own YouTube channel proving the point.

However, they do point to why they wrote this article, and to no one’s surprise it appears to be a personal vendetta.

“Back to my friend. She’s in the industry. She works in it. She runs shops and sites and deals with creators and fans alike. She knows, very well, how the sales of books look and the base the stores she’s affiliated with have. She’s knowledgeable as a fan. She writes and is involved with podcasts.
And she’s been so harassed that I cannot even name her because y’all want to subject her to that under the guise of free speech.”

This isn’t the first time someone from Comic Crusaders has come under fire. They recently fired freelancer Dusty Good after he made some disparaging and disgusting comments directed at Ethan Van Sciver, Diversity & Comics as well as their considerable fan base. Ironically, they just published an article doing the same thing. Good’s comments appear tame compared to the actual call for violence they published.

While Hambly is seeing increased calls for violence against his own person for radical writers at Comic Crusaders, he’s seeking out legal representation to take on his attacker.

He even reached out to fellow YouTuber Steven Crowder inquiring about his own lawyer and if he had anyone he could recommend.

We reached out to Jeremy as well and asked for some clarification on what he plans to do moving forward. his next  steps. He told us he plans on getting a restraining order and will move forward with litigation. It’s unclear if he will pursue litigation against Tin Roof or Gen Con.

Ethan Van Sciver set up a GoFundMe for Jeremy’s potential legal battles. It seems like the fight is far from over. And with increased calls for violence it doesn’t appear that things will get any better.

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