Alterna Comics Comes Under Fire for Treating Customers with Respect!

Jennifer De Guzman

Former Comics Alliance writer Jennifer De Guzman took a cue from her former colleague Kieran Shiach to attack Alterna Comics because they treat their customers with respect and appreciate their growing fan base.

De Guzman would target Alterna Comics because they retweet their fans who purchased their products.

However, she would later on reveal it’s because those fans are associated with the ComicsGate movement.

Peter Simeti, the founder and publisher of Alterna Comics, would respond after one of his published creators agreed with De Guzman. The creator, Christine Brunson, noted they had stepped away from the publisher because of their support for their fans.

Simeti and Brunson would go back and forth for a bit with Simeti explaining that many of the readers who purchased Amazing Age also support ComicsGate.

Simeti would go on to comment about De Guzman’s attack on him and Alterna Comics. He explained that De Guzman’s attack shows in her mind that comics really aren’t for everyone.

While De Guzman would launch her attack against Simeti, it appears to have completely backfired much like other attacks from Kieran Shiach and Tim Doyle have backfired in the past.

Simeti noted that just yesterday he was working on packing and shipping over one thousand comics from just the day before!

He would also see a number of customers show their support for him and Alterna Comics publicly.

This is the current state of the comics industry. Former Comics Alliance writers like Jennifer De Guzman and Kieran Shiach have made it their goal to demean and attack anyone they find guilty of wrong think. But it’s not just Comics Alliance writers. We’ve seen this behavior spill over with creators like Bill Sienkiewicz telling ComicsGate and comic book fans to get lost. Vertigo Comics artist Robbi Rodriguez just recently sent disgusting, graphic photos of his butthole to Ethan Van Sciver.

And while all this nasty behavior continues, comic book sales overall continue to decline.

Something needs to change.

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