Mitch and Bettie Breitweiser Cancel Upcoming Appearance at Lakes International Comic Art Festival

Mitch and Bettie Breitweiser

Bettie Breitweiser took to Twitter yesterday to announce she and husband Mitch Breitweiser are canceling their upcoming appearance at Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Bettie cited they are canceling their upcoming appearance due to concerns over their personal safety.

Bettie also noted they were excited to meet a number of their fans and colleagues.

Mitch also praised the event and everyone associated with it.

However, Vertigo Comics artist Richard Pace attempted to justify the Breitweisers exiting the Convention.

First, he decided to insinuate that the Breitweisers were participants in a “hate group.” He also said they were “profiting from the association while getting no public blowback.”

After demonizing the Breitweisers, he then justifies potential threats against them because he believes they are associated with a “hate group.”

However, a number of comic book professionals would show their support for the Breitweisers including those who have called for violence and incivility in the past.

Mags Visaggio appears to have turned a corner in wishing safety on the Breitweisers:

Bettie thanked Mags and empathized with her own security situation.

Ron Marz who has called for incivility in the past also stated the Breitweisers should not have to deal with threats or violence.

Threats at conventions are very real as Jeremy Hambly a.k.a. The Quartering knows full well. Hambly was the victim of an assault while he was attending Gen Con this year.

DC Comics writer Tom King also had a bodyguard while he was attending San Diego Comic-Con.

These threats should be taken seriously as violence is a real possibility in the world today.

We reached out to Mitch Breitweiser for comment, but did not hear back at the time of print.

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