Exclusive: Vox Day Announces New ComicsGate Imprint!

Vox Day continues to expand his comic book business as he exclusively announced his brand new comic imprint, ComicsGate, with us. This imprint joins Arkhaven Comics as well as Dark Legion.

Take a look at the brand new logo for the imprint:


We talked to Vox about the upcoming imprint to get better insight into it.

Bounding Into Comics (BIC): What kind of stories do you plan on featuring under this imprint?

Vox Day (Vox):  We plan on featuring any comics and graphic novels brought to us by ComicsGate-affiliated creators who wish to make public their support for ComicsGate.

BIC: Will this be a shared universe imprint like what you are doing with Arkhaven Comics and Alt-Hero?

Vox: No, this is not a shared universe. We set it up as a means of giving ComicsGaters a means of broad and reliable distribution that cannot be shut down by SJWs in the comics industry.

BIC: Do you have any creators already lined up? Who are they?

Vox: Will Caligan is the first. We do have others lined up, but I prefer not to identify them until their comics or graphic novels are ready for publication. As you know, we don’t talk much about our future products, we prefer to wait until things are ready to go before we announce them, as we have done here.

BIC: What will the first title from Will Caligan be? Can you give us any details on the story?

Vox: The print edition of Gun Ghoul. It has done [easyazon_link identifier=”B07GZYXQWQ” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]very well in digital[/easyazon_link], and we expect the graphic novel will also be successful.

Gun Ghoul

BIC: Will you be actively courting ComicsGate creators or will their be a submittal process?

Vox: We’re extremely busy, so we’ll be more inclined to wait to hear from interested creators.

BIC: Will there be a vetting process for creators? For example, if a ComicsGate critic wants to embrace the movement and publish under this new label will they be able to?

Vox: Yes. No.

BIC: Will you be planning any crowdfunding around this new imprint?

Vox: I expect we will do so, yes.

BIC: When can we expect the first crowdfunder?

Vox: Not for at least two months. We’re running one now for Alt-Hero: Q.

BIC: How will you differentiate this imprint from Arkhaven and Dark Legion?

Vox: Arkhaven is for the original material that we create. Dark Legion is what other creators bring to us for publishing. ComicsGate is similar to Dark Legion, but it is specifically for creators and fans who wish to make public their support for ComicsGate. We don’t claim to define ComicsGate, we don’t claim to be the official publisher of ComicsGate, and there will certainly be ComicsGaters who will utilize other publishers and distribution channels, this is merely our way of offering our structural support for the people and philosophy of ComicsGate.

BIC: Will there be any difference in how you handle ComicsGate imprint financially with creators over your other imprints?

Vox: The publishing arrangement will be the same as it is with Dark Legion.

BIC: Is there any significance to the green and purple colors chosen for the logo?

Vox: The ride never ends.

Are you all excited for this new imprint? Who would you like to see join this new imprint?





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