DC Comics Promises A Major DC Character Will Die in the Next 21 Days!

DC Comics Characters

In the latest issue of DC Nation, DC Comics promises that a major character will bite the bullet in the next 21 days.

They don’t reveal which character will die, but they give us six choices and confirm that of the following six characters one of them will die in the pages of Heroes in Crisis written by Tom King and artist Clay Mann.

1. Red Robin (Tim Drake)

Tim Drake

DC explains that Red Robin might die because there’s already a bunch of Robins on the DC Comics roster. You’ve got Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. They give Red Robin a 25-1 chance that he will die.

However, they also explain that he might live because he’s vital to Batman’s legacy. Tim Drake made the role of Robin important again after the death of Jason Todd. Without Tim Drake, the mantle of Robin might have lain dormant.

2. Cyborg (Victor Stone)


Cyborg might have just recently been the head of the Justice League, but he could be on the chopping block. DC even hints that Cyborg might get killed by Darkseid after he’s exiled to the Ghost Sector where Darkseid currently is. In fact, they tease this is happening in the pages of Justice League Odyssey. Cyborg has a 501- chance that he will die.

However, given that Cyborg can back up his data and is already as much machine as man, it will be hard to kill him.

3. Arsenal (Roy Harper)


Roy Harper has the greatest chance at dying with odds of 5-1. DC hints that he might have a target on his back and he’s the least-powerful character out of the six on the proverbial chopping block.

But Roy Harper has already faced a number of dark demons and come back fighting and thriving. He’s a survivor and has been put through the ringer before.

4. Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel)

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is the least likely to die with odds at 75-1, but Sanctuary is for heroes, not villains like Harley Quinn. It’s possible that Sanctuary might just break Harley Quinn.

But like Roy Harper, Harley Quinn is a survivor and has survived for years at the side of DC’s most deranged criminal, the Joker.

5. Booster Gold (Michael Carter)

Booster Gold

DC explains Booster Gold’s time-traveling antics might cause him to run afoul of Dr. Manhattan as there’s “only room in the DC Universe for one person playing god with time.” He has 10-1 odds of dying.

But while Booster’s time-traveling might be the reason he could end up dying, it’s also a huge advantage as he can figure out what’s happening before it does. Plus, it’s Booster Gold, he’s escaped almost certain doom multiple times.

6. Green Lantern (Kyler Rayner)

Kyle Rayner

Finally, one of the Green Lantern Corps, Kyle Rayner is on the chopping block. And just like Tim Drake and the Robins, there are plenty of Green Lanterns to go around. His odds of dying are 15-1.

And while there are plenty of Green Lanterns to go around, Rayner is still one of them and the Green Lantern ring is a powerful weapon.

Who do you think is going to end up biting the bullet?

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My guess is that Harley Quinn won’t be dying as she will appear in Heroes in Crisis #2 and take on the Justice League’s Trinity. I’m guessing Booster Gold bites the bullet given how writer Tom King treated him during his Batman run.

Here’s the full page from DC Nation #4 discussing which character might die in Heroes in Crisis.

Heroes in Crisis DC Nation #4

Heroes in Crisis hits comic book shelves on September 26, 2018.

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