After Stating Leaked Titans Set Photo was Out of Context, New Photo Confirms Costumes are Still Garbage

The DC Universe’s upcoming Titans television has been run through the ringer a number of times and it doesn’t look it’s going to stop any time soon given the latest photo of the Titans team.

First, leaked set photos of the Titans team questioned why the costume design of all of the Titans except for Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson. Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy’s costumes just didn’t fit what fans have come to expect from the characters they’ve come to know and love in both the comics and in animated television shows.  And while many praised the Dick Grayson costume there were a number of folks who said he looked more like Tim Drake than Dick Grayson.

While the Dick Grayson character avoided the majority of criticism on costume design, he would get his moment in the sun when DC Universe released their first trailer for the Titans series. In the trailer, Grayson says, “F*** Batman.” It had a number of fan in an uproar as they couldn’t believe Dick Grayson would say this. In fact, they pointed out the character sounded more like Jason Todd than Grayson.

In response to the initial criticism of the leaked set photo of Starfire, actress Anna Diop, who plays Starfire, responded in a now deleted Instagram post where she claimed the photo was “out of context and it’s a misrepresentation of the phenomenal production it all.”

However, Entertainment Weekly just released a brand new look at the Titans team that confirms the leaked set photo is exactly what we are getting from the production team when it comes to Starfire’s costume.

DC Universe Titans

It doesn’t look they have made any adjustments to the costumes whatsoever. Here’s the original set leaks:

And fans made it very clear they disapprove of the costumes:

What’s really interesting is that according to EW, “Titans began as a potential TNT series in 2014, but the network passed on the pilot in 2016.”

Nevertheless, DC has decided to go ahead and launch their DC Universe streaming service with Titans. Geoff Johns explains, “It was an opportunity do less of a conventional procedural show and more of a 12-hour movie.… We could focus in more on character and push the envelope, in terms of content.”

What do you make of the costumes? Will you be jumping on board DC Universe to check out this show?

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