DC Comics Writer Scott Snyder Weighs in on ComicsGate

Scott Snyder

DC Comics writer Scott Snyder, who is currently writing Justice League and working on Batman: Last Knight on Earth with artist Greg Capullo for DC’s Black Label, took to Twitter to weigh in on ComicsGate.

Snyder’s labeling of ComicsGate comes just after Comicosity editor Matt Santori called out straight white male comic book creators for not speaking out against ComicsGate.

Scott Snyder appears to be another comic book professional who is wildly misinformed about ComicsGate. ComicsGate started with the attack on Italian artist Milo Manara and his Spider-Woman variant cover.

In fact, we ran an advanced Twitter search for the word “Manara” from Snyder’s Twitter account and absolutely nothing came back.

Scott Snyder

What’s interesting is Snyder had previously noted he had implemented a policy “of not giving a spotlight to toxicity on [Twitter].” That apparently changed in the past weeks. It’s unclear what changed as he does not say.

Could it be that Richard Meyer aka Diversity & Comics, who has born the brunt of a number of attacks against Comicsgate and his own person including Image Comics creator Michelle Perez wishing death upon him specifically for his past videos criticizing a number of professionals and their works, apologized for his past behavior to Mags Visaggio.

Or could it be the fact that Meyer is also donating $10,000 to the Trevor Project?

As for the insinuation that Snyder makes that people who support Comicsgate are against diversity, it’s just wildly false and absurd. You can just take a look at the creators who have decided to align themselves with Comicsgate: Timothy Lim, Mike S. Miller, Ethan Van Sciver, Richard Meyer, Jon Malin, Martina Markota, Bradley Golden, Nasser Rabadi, and more. It’s a diverse group.

They are also telling diverse stories from political satires, superhero epics, the occult, horror, science fiction, and more.

Snyder is right about the cruel personal attacks. They are repugnant especially when a number of professionals have called not only their potential customers, but also fellow comic book creators who are part of Comicsgate “white supremacists,” “Nazis,” insinuated they were Uncle Toms, and more.

And Comicsgate doesn’t mean just one thing to everyone, it means different things to different people.

But maybe the worst part of Snyder’s statement is his demand for consumers and creators to abandon the Comicsgate label in order to talk to him.

What do you make of Snyder’s statement on Comicsgate? Will it affect whether or not you purchase his comics in the future?

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