Former Marvel Comics artist Jon Malin, who is currently working on Jawbreakers – Lost Souls with Diversity and Comics and Brett R. Smith as well as Graveyard Shift with co-creator Mark Poulton, issued a challenge to fellow artist Frank Cho.

Cho recently denounced Comicsgate and labeled everyone associated with the movement as part of an “Alt Right hate group.”

Malin challenged Cho to provide proof for his claims against not only the consumers and fans who make up Comicsgate, but also the myriad of diverse creators who operate within the movement.

Malin’s concerns for the safety of not only Comicsgate members, but also the creators who operate within the movement is valid. We’ve seen other Comicsgate creators face threats of violence in the past including Ethan Van Sciver and Diversity & Comics. More recently, Mitch and Bettie Breitweiser cancelled an upcoming convention appearance due to safety concerns.

The escalation of a number of comic book professionals who are maligning their peers and describing them as part of a hate movement is extremely dangerous. As Jon Malin says a return to reasonable behavior is in order.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear reasonable behavior will return any time soon. In fact, it’s been escalating over the past few weeks with Vertigo Comics artist Robbi Rodridguez tweeting a picture of his butt to Ethan Van Sciver. DC Comics writer Scott Snyder also demanded that fans leave Comicsgate in order to talk to him. And Marvel Comics and DC Comics writer Gail Simone along with Marvel Comics artist Mike Deodato Jr. said they would no longer attend any conventions where anyone from Comicsgate would be attending.