Pokemon GO: Niantic Announces September’s Community Day Pokemon and Special Move!

Pokemon GO and Niantic announced September’s Community Day special Pokemon and to no one’s surprise it’s a grass Pokemon! This month’s Community Day will feature the Johto region’s Chikorita this September.

For those who haven’t finished up their Celebi missions, this Community Day comes at the perfect time for folks who are on the last step, where you have to catch 40 grass-type Pokemon. There will be an abundance of Chikorita’s to help you finish up the mission!

Not only did they reveal that Chikorita will be September’s Community Day Pokemon, but they also revealed that if you evolve a Bayleef, Chikorita’s first evolution, into Meganium during Community Day it will learn the Grass-type attack Frenzy Plant.

Frenzy Plant

This isn’t the first time trainers have seen the move Frenzy Plant. It was previously featured as an exclusive move for Venusaur.

Frenzy Plant is a charge type grass attack. It has a base power of 100 and does 2 damage per energy used. It has two bars of charge energy and a cooldown of 2.6 seconds.

The move effectively gives you 38.46 damage per second.

With the addition of Frenzy Plant it vastly improves Meganium’s attack. You will want to get this charge move as it is far superior to Solar Beam, Petal Blizzard, and Earthquake.

As an example Solar Beam will only give you 36.73 damage per second. Earthquake gives you 33.33 damage per second, and Petal Blizzard gives you 42.31 damage per second.

While Petal Blizzard might have a higher damage per second over Frenzy Plant, it falls short when you factor in damage per energy. Petal Blizzard only gives you 1.10 damage per energy compared to Frenzy Plant’s 2 damage per energy. It means that your effective damage on Petal Blizzard will only be 46.54 while your effective damage from Frenzy Plant will be 76.92.

You don’t want to miss out on getting a Meganium with Petal Blizzard! It will definitely be helpful when you begin taking on some of the Water-type raid bosses like Kyogre.

However, even with Meganium getting Frenzy Plant, it still won’t be as powerful as a Venusaur, which still remains the best Grass Type Pokemon in the game.

Shiny Chikorita

As with most Community Day’s it’s more than likely that Niantic will make available Shiny type Chikorita’s available. While they didn’t specifically reveal, I think it’s safe to assume given past Community Day’s we can expect a Shiny Chikorita.

Here’s what the Shiny Chikorita will look like along with its evolutions into Bayleef and Meganium:

Shiny Chikorita

Shiny Bayleef

Community Day Start Times

Trainers who participated in Community Day will also receive a 3x experience bonus for catching Pokemon.

Community Day begins in the Asia-Pacific region from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM JST.
Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India kick off Community Day at 9:00 AM and it wraps up at 12:00 PM UTC.
The Americas and Greenland begin Community Day at 11:00 AM and it finishes at 2:00 PM PDT.

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