Marvel Artist Mike Deodato Praises Grand Rapids Comic-Con and Insults Mike S. Miller

Marvel Comics artist Mike Deodato Jr., who is currently drawing Marvel’s big event series Infinity Wars, praised the Grand Rapids Comic-Con for kicking out artist Mike S. Miller. Not only would he praise Grand Rapids Comic-Con, but he would also insult Mike S. Miller. He specifically refers to Miller as “creature.”

Deodato would write, “A big round of applause to Grand Rapids Comic-Con for excreting out Mike S. Miller from their convention. Here is the letter they sent to the creature in question.”

Miller would respond asking Deodato to get to know him and act like a professional before insulting him.

Deodato would then block Miller.

Mike Deodato would also retweet SJWSpiderman who declared that #comicsgate should not be welcome at any convention that cares about having a diverse, inclusive, friendly, and safe environment. Of course they should be allowed to attend as ticket holders, but not as guests. When you spread hate you rep what you sow.”

It’s ironic that Deodato and SJW Spider-Man would say conventions who want to have a diverse, inclusive, friendly, and safe environment would actively try and keep members of Comicsgate from becoming guests. That’s the opposite of diverse, inclusive, and friendly. In fact, I would describe this as an exclusionary and unfriendly policy towards members of Comicsgate.

Deodato would go on to push his support for Grand Rapids Comic-Con.

Deodato’s praise for Grand Rapids Comic-Con and his insult towards Mike S. Miller comes just days after Deodato declared he would no longer attend any conventions where anyone from Comicsgate would be attending as an invited guest. He would be joined by Gail Simone and artist Phil Jimenez.

What do you think of Deodato’s latest actions? Should Grand Rapid Comic-Con be praised for kicking out Mike S. Miller? What do you make of this policy to not attend conventions where Comicsgate members are attending as invited guests?

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