Mike S. Miller Kicked Out of Grand Rapids Comic-Con

Mike S. Miller

Grand Rapids Comic-Con announced that Mike S. Miller will no longer be attending their convention that is set to take place from November 9-11 at the Devos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mike S. Miller took to YouTube to report that the Grand Rapids Comic-Con cancelled their contract with Miller.

Miller notes, “Even though they invited me, signed a contract for me to go there, were going to pay me an appearance fee…They apparently decided I was a xenophobe. Xenophobe is the word used because of our friend the Nigerian prince.”

Miller also references cosplayer and Twitter user Renfamous calling her Notfamous believing she is behind Grand Rapids canceling Miller’s contract, “Apparently it’s from Notfamous on her little tirade to make sure none of us can make a living in our chosen profession.” Miller explains his reasoning, “Someone said they did a Twitter search of me, my name, and Grand Rapids Comic-Con, and the only connection was that blue-haired bimbo, who shall go unnamed on my channel.”

Miller goes on to read the letter he received from Grand Rapids Comic-Con:

“Hi Mike,

I’m writing in regards to some very disparaging remarks you have made in regards to minorities and women over the past few weeks through your Twitter feed and podcast.

On the podcast: “Marvel: The People Are Revolting” published by you on Youtube on August 29 you interviewed a Nigerion national as VKTR on Twitter about the Comicsgate issue. I found several of the remarks made in regards to VKTR after he left the podcast to be quite disturbing:

A couple comments were made by you in regards to him being a Nigerian prince and the money scandals in that country, which I found to be stereotyping and incredibly inappropriate as you had zero evidence of his involvement in those crimes; and

The final comment that “he probably doesn’t know who his father is” was downright unprofessional, a blatant disrespect to his national heritage, and a stereotype based on his skin color. I also found the excuse that you continually posted on Twitter that U.S. Democratic policies created single parenthood in African-American community in this country to be a cop out and completely irrelevant, considering that he is not a citizen of this country.

We have also noticed several comments over the last couple months directed at women that I found to downright rude. Since our leadership staff is 65% women and our ownership is 50% women, I feel that these kinds of comments have no place in an event that gears specifically towards families and has a high female demographic.

As a result, I have decided as the Event Director and person responsible for our lineup to pull you from appearing at our event due to these xenophobic comments. I am sorry to do this as I believe in freedom of speech, but there is a responsibility to the speech in which you choose to participate.

We will not be stating a reason as to why you are off the ticket, just the fact that you are no longer appearing. I am hoping that you will choose to not make a major scene on this as we will not do so.”

Thank you, and I am sorry that it came to this.


Mark Hodges
Event Director”

As for Miller’s claim that Twitter user Renfamous might be involved in the cancellation, she had previously been warning people to avoid Mike S. Miller at Grand Rapids Comic-Con back in August. She would refer to Miller as a “bigot.”

She had previously labeled Miller a bigot on a number of occasions:

She also attacked Miller’s Christian beliefs:

She has also targeted other Comic-Cons including San Diego Comic-Con and Fan Expo Boston:

Following Grand Rapids Comic-Con’s announcement that Miller had been kicked out of the convention, Renfamous declared Miller was kicked out because “he has made several racist, sexist and transphobic comments.”

The decision to kick Mike S. Miller out of Grand Rapids Comic-Con comes after DC Comics writer Scott Snyder denounced Comicsgate calling the movement “poisoned from its origins.” DC Comics artist Frank Cho also decried Comicsgate describing it as “an alt-right hate group in the comic book field.”

Following Cho’s statement, Marvel Comics artist Mike Deodato declared he would no longer be attending conventions if anyone associated with Comicsgate would be attending. DC Comics and Marvel Comics writer Gail Simone would follow Deodato’s lead and promised to do the same thing.

This is an extremely dangerous precedent being set by Grand Rapids Comic-Con. It also could empower people who are already threatening Comicsgate creators with violence to increase their rhetoric and potentially begin taking action against creators. Ethan Van Sciver and Diversity and Comics have specifically been threatened with violence. Mitch and Bettie Breitweiser have also canceled a convention appearance due to security concerns. And YouTuber Jeremy Hambly aka The Quartering was actually physically assaulted while attending GenCon. Violence is not out of the question, and a number of comic book professionals are increasing hateful rhetoric that could motivate lunatics to violence against Comicsgate creators.

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