EXCLUSIVE: Check Out The First 5 Pages of Chuck Dixon’s Alt-Hero: Q!

Arkhaven Comics is currently running an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming Alt-Hero: Q series by Bane co-creator Chuck Dixon and artist Hélix Haze. Colors are provided by Arklight Studios. The series will be released in individual issues and ultimately collected into a graphic novel. There will be six total issues and each issue will be 24 pages long. The story will be set in the Alt-Hero universe alongside Vox Day’s [easyazon_link identifier=”9527303001″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Alt-Hero[/easyazon_link] series and [easyazon_link identifier=”9527303273″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Chuck Dixon’s Avalon[/easyazon_link].

The series finds inspiration from the QAnon phenomenon and will have a focus on “ordinary men and women who make the choice to become extraordinary through their selfless actions to save others.” If you are unfamiliar with the QAnon phenomenon, Chuck Dixon told us “this will be an intro, at least in a fictional sense to what it’s all about and what its mission is.”

Arkhaven Comics’ Publisher Vox Day hinted at what we can expect from this story:

“It’s going to be our answer to the question that everyone is asking: “who is Q”. Everyone has a different theory, everyone has a different explanation. Since we’re setting this in the world of Alt-Hero, that allows us to throw out some outlandish ideas about what’s really going on underneath all the various conspiracy theories. We’ll be launching it as soon as we have the sample pages to show the potential backers, so in about two weeks. It’s an awesome script and people are going to love it.”

Chuck Dixon gave us some more key details keying in on the series main protagonist Roland Dane:

“What we’re presenting is an action/thriller hero that I’m really excited to be creating. We’ll be inserting him into stories of global cabals and dark conspiracies that threaten not only world peace but the basic human rights of the individual. Our guy, Roland Dane, is an experienced law enforcement professional who has to drop out of the system to act as an operative for the mysterious organization he knows only as Q. Roland is a little rough around the edges and his methods are often direct but he’s one man trying to make a difference for all of us.”

Take a look at the first five pages:

Alt-Hero: Q #1 Alt-Hero: Q #1 Alt-Hero: Q #1 Alt-Hero: Q #1 Alt-Hero: Q #1

I’m definitely getting some James Bond vibes from this story and it looks jam packed with action. That shouldn’t be a surprise given Chuck Dixon is the one penning the script and he promised “here’ll be lots of action, traps, escapes and gratuitous violence. It’s me, right?”

The Alt-Hero: Q IndieGoGo has six days left until it comes to a close. Arkhaven Comics has currently raised $77,612 from a $50,000 goal.

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