Alterna Comics and Peter Simeti launched an IndieGoGo for a brand new idea called AlternaWeen!

The idea behind AlternaWeen is to offer Trick or Treaters Alterna Comics’ all ages and teen appropriate comics as trick or treats. While the idea behind AlternaWeen is to offer an alternative to your normal trick or treats on Halloween, the funds raised for the campaign will help Alterna Comics increase their distribution into independent newsstands, convenience stores, grocery stories, dollar stores and more. Alterna Comics will be partnering with RangeMe in order to facilitate distribution deals with interested retailers across the world.

This new distribution initiative from Alterna Comics comes off the heels of their expansion into Toys “R” Us. Unfortunately, Toys “R” Us went out of business, but Alterna Comics saw success with their newsprint comics that were being distributed to Toys “R” Us’ top stores. Not only did they expand their newsprint distribution into Toys “R” Us, but they were also working with specialized local comic shops. With the newsprint edition of their comics, they were able to cut costs and be able to sell their comics at a far cheaper price than your ordinary copy of a Marvel or DC Comic.

The AlternaWeen has a number of perks, consumers are able to purchase including treat bags, comic bundles, mugs, hats, and more!


$5 gets you a Treat Bag which includes Silly Putty, Stickers, a random all-ages Alterna Comic, a “Magic Artist” Pencil, and of course the actual Treat Bag.

$12 gets you an Alterna Comics mug

$15 will get you an embroidered and tri-color Alterna Comics hat with an adjustable strap.

$15 will also get you an Alterna Comics Beanie/Skullcap

$20 gets you an Alterna Comics shirt. The sizes range from small to 4XL

$30 gets you the Assorted Horror Bundle. This bundle contains Silly Putty, a Treat Bag, and 50 Horror Comics

$45 gets you the T-shirt, the hat, and the beanie

$60 gets the 100 Comic Bundle. This includes 100 Alterna Comics, Silly Putty, and the Treat Bag

$99 gets you the 200 Comic Bundle. This includes 200 Alterna Comics Silly Putty, and the Treat Bag

$100 is the Everything Bundle. This includes 50 ALterna Comics, Silly Putty, the Treat Bag, the T-shirt, the mug, stickers, the “Magic Artist” Pencil, the hat, and the beanie

$100 can also get you 20 Treat Bags. Each Treat Bag comes with the Silly Putty, the stickers, a random all ages Alterna Comic, and a “Magic Artist” pencil.

The Comics

Alterna Comics

Alterna Comics will be offering a number of comics that they will be giving away.

  • Adam Wreck
  • Baron Rat
  • Metaphase
  • Lilith Dark
  • Amazing Age
  • Zero Jumper
  • Mr. Crypt
  • Fear Diaries
  • Trespasser
  • Cyko Ko
  • Tinsel Town

Stretch Goals

The AlternaWeen campaign also has a number of stretch goals.

$10,000 every backer receives an “Alterna Ambassador” pin. (This goal has already been met).

$12,000 Alterna will donate 500 all ages comics to local libraries in the New England area. All backers will also get an Alterna Comics tote bag.

$18,000 Alterna will donate 500 all ages comics to Shriners Hospital for Children and all bakcers will get a 9″x3″ bumper sticker that says “I SUPPORT MY LOCAL COMIC SHOP!”

$25,000 Alterna will donate 500 comics to the troops. Every backer will also receive a 8×10 AlternaWeen print signed by Peter Simeti.

There will also be future stretch goals if the $25,000 mark is reached.

Peter Simeti and Alterna Comics have currently raised $10,176 out of their $8,000 goal. There are still 14 days left in the campaign at the time of publication.