YouTuber Diversity & Comics aka Richard Meyer announced that he has ceased production on Flashbang.

Meyer explains the production was cancelled because “the book just doesn’t fit with the production plans I have for Splatto Comics.”

When asked for clarification on whether it was just put on hold of cancelled, Meyer responded that it was cancelled.

Diversity & Comics would elaborate on why he decided to cease production. He points out that Flashbang was more like a pilot TV episode than a full-length story, and he wants Splatto Comics to produce “full length stories that have satisfying endings.”

He also noted that it’s unlikely he will return to the source material because he wants to “make stories where I love the characters.”

We asked Meyer what he will be focusing on instead of Flashbang:

“I’m just going to be working on the next Jawbreakers graphic novel after Lost Souls.”

If you weren’t aware the sequel will be titled Jawbreakers – GØDK1NG. It will feature a gorgeous cover by none other than Kelsey Shannon.

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