DC Universe’s flagship live-action show, Titans, is a little over two weeks away, and a number of new clips have surfaced showcasing each of the Titans including one of Beast Boy transforming into a Tiger.

Take a look at Beast Boy as he changes form from Tiger to human.

Another clip shows off Starfire as she shoots fire from her hands. But even more interesting is that it appears she has been captured and is being experimented on.

Dick Grayson’s clip explains why he’s not longer Batman’s sidekick and has gone out on his own and help to form his very own team.

Finally, Raven’s clip shows off a little bit of a horror vibe. In fact, Raven embraces the horror telling us, “When I feel the darkness come out, it feels good.”

Along with these brand new clips, DC Universe officially revealed a brand new poster for Titans.

While Titans will officially kick off on the DC Universe streaming service on October 12, 2018, they will be offering a world premiere showing at New York Comic Con on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at The Hammerstein Ballroom. The premiere will be followed by a cast and producer question and answer.

Are you looking forward to Titans? Will you be subscribing to DC Universe to check it out?