DC Comics Artist Richard Pace Posts Diversity & Comics’ KickStarter Appeal Claiming He is a Liar!

DC Comics artist Richard Pace, who is working on Vertigo’s Second Coming series, posted an alleged leaked screen shot of Richard Meyer appealing a rejection from KickStarter for his Jawbreakers – Lost Souls graphic novel, which he eventually crowdfunded on IndieGoGo.

The alleged appeal shows Meyer asking KickStarter to allow his Jawbreakers – Lost Souls crowdfunding to be run on KickStarter. It appears the appeal was rejected. KickStarter responded explaining that the project was rejected because it “does not allow projects that promote discrimination, subjugation, or intolerance towards marginalized groups.”

Pace claims the screenshot is “proof” that Meyer’s “character was of no value months before AP [Antarctic Press] decided to part ways with him.”

The leaked screenshot comes after news broke that Richard Meyer was suing Mark Waid for tortious interference and defamation.

Pace indicated that this alleged evidence makes it harder for Meyer’s attorneys to claim that Antarctic Press would have dropped Meyer and Jawbreakers – Lost Souls without Waid’s involvement.

In posting the screenshot, Pace also claims that Meyer is “homophobic and sexist.”

Pace also claims that he was in communication with someone at KickStarter who stated that they rejected his crowdfunding project “with cause.”

He believes he is a fighting a hate group by releasing this screenshot.

Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law tells us, “Nothing about any of this matters in any legal sense for Meyer.”

What do you make of Pace’s claims?

We reached out to Richard Meyer for a comment and he declined. We also reached out to KickStarter, but they did not respond at the time of publication.

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