One Angry Gamer Shut Down by DDOS and Hack Attacks

The popular gaming website One Angry Gamer has been shut down by DDOS attacks and has been down since September 21, 2018.

I spoke with One Angry Gamer’s William Usher about the situation.

“The site is regularly DDOS’d, but it was hacked last week. The backups were also compromised, but some of the technicians were able to restore an old backup, which got hacked again, and then it was DDOS’d again, which kept it offline even longer.”

He would go on to describe where the attacks came from.

“The initial attacks came from Nigeria, according to Cloudflare, but most assume it was used as a proxy location. Another hacker from Bangladesh corrupted the databases. I’m not sure who hacked and DDOS’d the site again after we restored the old backup.”

Unfortunately, it’s unclear when One Angry Gamer might be back up and running again.

“Site went down back on September 21st. No ETA on if it will return.”

If you are unfamiliar with One Angry Gamer, they are a entertainment website that primarily focuses on video games at almost every level. They cover big-budget games, mid-level, indie, you name it you can probably find a story about it on One Angry Gamer.

The site also covers ethics in media journalism, censorship within tech, and corruption within the gaming industry.

This isn’t the first time the website has been targeted with these types of attacks. Usher tells me, “The site’s been heavily targeted and DDOS’d since 2016.”

It wouldn’t surprise me if the site is being targeted specifically for the content it publishes surrounding its critical view of the gaming industry.

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