Former Charmed Star Rose McGowan Calls Out TimesUp and Hollywood in Fiery Interview!

Former Charmed star Rose McGowan called out the TimesUp movement and those in Hollywood that support it.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, McGowan claimed the movement is “bullshit.” She would go on to call those that participate in it as “lily-livered” and “losers.”

She even called out the so called “champions” of the movement.

“I just think they’re douchebags. They’re not champions. I just think they’re losers. I don’t like them. How do I explain the fact that I got a GQ Man of the Year award and no women’s magazines and no women’s organisations have supported me?”

She continues:

“And I don’t want to go, because it’s all bullshit. It’s a lie. It’s a Band-Aid lie to make them feel better. I know these people, I know they’re lily-livered, and as long as it looks good on the surface, to them, that’s enough.”

McGowan would clarify that she doesn’t think #MeToo is a lie, but was referring to Times Up and Hollywood.

Rose McGowan would specifically target Meryl Streep stating it’s “literally impossible” for her to not know about Weinstein’s behavior. She also believes Weinstein’s victims number in the thousands:

“I also think, in my opinion, that his victims are probably in the thousands. Someone with his appetite, I would predict hundreds wouldn’t cover it. He had places set up everywhere he did business.”

Streep wasn’t the only one McGoward called out, she also targeted American Vogue and Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman stating she didn’t believe Chapman’s interview in American Vogue from earlier this year:

“In my opinion, no. I think American Vogue is disgusting. They should be embarrassed and they should be ashamed.”

McGowan would even praise Donald Trump supporters regarding their opinions about Hollywood:

“But they hate Hollywood for being faux liberals — and they’re 100% right about that. It’s a bunch of faux liberals. It’s crap, and they know it is deep down, but they’re living an empty life, and to me that’s their punishment. They get to live the lives they live.”

McGowan even calls for people to boycott Hollywood and movies:

“Like goldfish oblivious to the water they live in, we have all unwittingly internalised the Hollywood starlet’s long “f***-me hair. I would know. I was the one helping do it to you.”

She continues:

“It completely messes with your head. I think if people start seeing the toxins that are fed to them, they will get really mad. I don’t really watch movies any more.”

While McGowan criticized the #MeToo movement she still has righteous anger towards Weinstein and the Hollywood lifestyle.

“I do, at times, have righteous anger, and I have a right to that anger. Women have a right to be angry. When women get angry, they paint them as unstable. Because it’s ‘indelicate’. But if you’re in that situation, you get tired of shoving it down.”

McGowan adds:

“I think I’ve been fairly effective. Who has been more effective? Tell me, who’s been more effective at getting us to this point? So playing nice for women hasn’t got us very far.”

McGowan also won’t be thinking about forgiveness any time soon, at least not until justice is served.

“F*** it. F*** your forgiveness. No moving on, not if they’re still doing it. What are you moving on from? That’s part of the older generation doing that same bullshit. You know what? Don’t put your timeline on me. Don’t put your timeline on other victims. It’s a way of shutting people up. It’s expected of us to be feminine and gracious, but they haven’t been gracious with us. Forgiveness? Maybe when I’m 80. If I feel like it.”

As for McGowan’s idea of justice she explains, “Life. Life in prison for all the lives he stole. And maybe then I’ll have forgiveness, but not until then.”

McGowan would go on to address false accusations:

“It’s a tricky one. We haven’t been here in the whole of history, and it’s a problem we haven’t had to wrestle with before.”

She does hope they will “get their day in court.” However, she doesn’t think there are many false accusations:

“I just don’t think there are many at all. I think there should be a lot more accusations. I certainly know a lot of people who would serve for being cleaned out. I see people getting rewarded the whole time that everybody knows are predators. And yet it’s not my story, so I can’t tell it.”

McGowan might be on to something. It wasn’t even a few months ago that fellow #MeToo accuser Olivia Munn exposed that the director of The Predator cast a convicted child predator. In fact, Munn reported she was isolated from her fellow cast members after she exposed the child predator and his role in the film.

Then you have the case of Roman Polanski, a director who is still revered in the industry even after the rape of a thirteen-year-old girl in which he was arrested. In fact, Polanski plead guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse. After learning he was likely going to be imprisoned, Polanski fled the United States.

McGowan isn’t the only actress to call out the #MeToo movement. Lindsay Lohan recently called many of them “attention seekers.” Even actor Sean Penn called out the #MeToo movement.

While McGowan, Lohan, and Penn have called out the #MeToo movement, there is still plenty of support for it. Just recently Jamie Lee Curtis declared that the upcoming Halloween movie is a #MeToo movie.

What do you make of McGowan’s comments? Do you think most of the people in the #MeToo movement are fake? Do you think Hollywood is poisoning people?

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