Avengers 4 star Mark Ruffalo got political when he revealed an obviously fake Avengers 4 title.

The tweet comes in the wake of the Russo brothers “firing” Ruffalo for not only spoiling the title of Avengers 4, but also key plot details on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Ruffalo asked Fallon and The Tonight Show to edit out his spoilers, which they did, but one Twitter user figured out what the title was despite the censor. He revealed it’s The Last Avenger.

Ruffalo has been quite active politically in the lead up to the November elections. He recently appeared in a Get Out the Vote commercial for an anti-gun group that wants to ban semi-automatic rifles.

He’s continued to promote the organization’s get out the vote campaign throughout the week.

On Columbus Day, Ruffalo also promoted Standing Rock.

Ruffalo is expected to reprise his role as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in Avengers 4 when it hits theaters on May 3, 2018. However, he might be taking on a new look. Leaked design photos indicate he might be taking on the Professor Hulk persona.

What do you think about Ruffalo connecting his role in the Avengers franchise to his own personal political agenda?