Known agitator Renfamous is once again stirring the pot. This time she is targeting IndieGoGo and attempting to get them to pull down Diversity & Comics a.k.a Richard Meyer’s campaigns, which include Jawbreakers – Lost Souls and Iron Sights.

Renfamous attempts to paint Meyer as a member of the alt-right who protested in Charlottesville.

Meyer responded in a number of Tweets strongly denying the accusation.

Renfamous responded by posting the screen caps of Meyer’s Tweets.

She and Christopher Sebela would then try to claim that Meyer was being hypocritical.

She would also include artist Timothy Lim.

Meyer called for writer Bemis to be fired after he intimated he might shoot his critic saying, “I’d be strapped and they’d be in trouble.”

Calls for IDW writer Aubrey Sitterson to be fired came after Sitterson tweeted out on September 11th, “Oh good, it’s Self-Centered National Tragedy Remembrance from People Who Weren’t Even Anywhere Near New York City Day.” However, Sitterson wouldn’t actually be fired for the tweet and ensuing outrage. According to IDW his upcoming book was cancelled because of poor sales.

While Meyer called for Bemis and Sitterson to be fired, it was over their specific actions. The things they said. It’s very different from what Renfamous is doing. She’s trying to paint him as alt-right because he happened to be in Charlottesville like thousands of other people when protestors marched on the city. Renfamous’ claims are factually inaccurate as Meyer points out and could be considered defamation as she is trying to harm his livelihood through a falsehood.

Meyer pointed this out.

Richard Meyer is currently suing Mark Waid for tortious interference and defamation.

What do you make of Meyer’s response to Renfamous? What about Renfamous’ comments?