Funimation announced Brandon McInnis will provide the voice talent for Sir Nighteye in their upcoming 4th season of My Hero Academia.

If you’re caught up with My Hero Academia, you might recognize Sir Nighteye from his first official appearance in Episode 63, the Season 3 finale.

Sir Nighteye is a Pro Hero and Mirio Togata’s mentor. Before he became Mirio’s mentor he was a Sidekick of All Might. He has a genius-level intellect and became the brains of the operation during his partnership with All Might. Like Izuku Midoriya, Nighteye is a brilliant strategist and ensures he gets the best outcome. While he is mostly known for his brains he does posses some physical attributes. He’s extremely fast and has some degree of strength as he’s lifted and thrown heavy objects. It’s more than likely he tries to hide his physical abilities in order to make his opponents underestimate him.

Sir Nighteye’s quirk is Foresight. It’s activated by first touching a target and then making eye contact. He then gains the ability to see the target’s future second by second for an entire hour. His quirk gives him a third person view of his target. There is a drawback in that it can only be used once every 24 hours. The future that he sees is 100% accurate. Although time manipulating quirks can affect the accuracy of his quirk.

In the manga, Nighteye eventually becomes Izuku Midoriya’s mentor during another internship. While Sir Nighteye is skeptical of Midoriya in the beginning, he eventually gains a healthy respect for his pupil.

Voice Brandon McInnis is a veteran having worked on numrous anime series including Dies Irae where he gave voice to Ren Fuji. He also gave voice to Handa-kun on Handa-kun. He’s also had appearances on Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul. If you’ve ever played Smite, he also voices Erlang Shen.

Are you looking forward to seeing Sir Nighteye in action for the fourth season of My Hero Academia? What kind of trials do you expect him to put Midoriya through? What will Midoriya teach him?