Actor Stephen Amell released the first poster for The CW’s major Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds which depicts Grant Gustin as the Green Arrow and Amell as The Flash.

Amell revealed the poster in character stating, “My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive.”

Amell confirmed this poster was not a joke and that he was in The Flash suit.

Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen, also released the poster on Instagram saying, “….Wut? (ALERT: This is not fan art)

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….Wut? (ALERT: This is not fan art)

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If you are unfamiliar with DC Comics and their Elseworlds line, it features a number of stories that put their trademark characters in different settings and worlds or even alternate timelines. Some of the most famous Elseworlds stories are Gotham by Gaslight which features Batman in the late 19th century as he hunts down Jack the Ripper. Other Elseworlds stories include Batman: Holy Terror, Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table, Superman: Red Son, Kingdom Come, Flashpoint, Wonder Woman: Amazonia, and more.

While there are plenty of great storylines that the Arrowverse could adapt for their three night Elseworlds crossover, this poster doesn’t appear to be a good one. While Amell’s teaser appears to see him becoming Barry Allen, it’s going to be hard to see him as anyone other than Oliver Queen, especially since it’s more than likely he will once again become Queen after the event is over.

And it’s not like we haven’t already seen numerous story lines seeing Barry get replaced as The Flash or Oliver replaced as the Green Arrow. It’s happened numerous times on each of their respective shows. Doing it again with your lead actors isn’t innovative or exciting, it’s tiring and boring.

And the tagline, “Destiny will be rewritten” echoes what we’ve already seen in Flashpoint. They spent an entire season on The Flash rewriting Barry’s destiny.

This just does not interest me whatsoever. In fact, It makes me not even want to watch their current seasons because you know this is going to be smack dab in the middle.

“Elseworlds” comes to The CW beginning on Sunday December 9 at 8 p.m. That most likely means it will debut on Supergirl since its time slot is Sunday nights.

What do you make of the poster? Do you think I’m being too harsh? Are you interested in Elseworlds?

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