Avengers 4 directors Anthony and Joe Russo confirmed that Mark Ruffalo was fired for leaking not only the Avengers 4 title, but also significant plot details on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The directors made it clear Ruffalo was fired after they recently revealed another cryptic image declaring they finished reshoots for the forthcoming Marvel Studios film. Ruffalo wasn’t too happy about the Russo Brothers being allowed to post spoilers and he subsequently got fired for them.

The Russo brothers weren’t having any of Ruffalo’s lip. They savagely responded, “You’re still fired, Mark.”

It’s more than likely this whole spat between them is a work, but it’s still wildly entertaining about how blunt the Russo brothers are with Ruffalo.

Marvel Studios and the Russo brothers have been quite tight lipped about any details for the upcoming film. There have been rumors galore, but nothing has been confirmed. The most promising rumor of late is a full breakdown of a possible Avengers 4 trailerand a title reveal, Avengers: Annihilation. However, a number of fans were quick to dismiss it believing it to be fan fiction or even the Russo brothers leaking a fake trailer script in order to continue to mess with the fans.

And messing with the fans is something they’ve had fun doing over the last few months. First they released a set photo insinuating there was a hidden message or clues for the film hidden within. Fans have tried to decipher the picture, but the Russo brothers haven’t confirmed any of their theories.

Some fans are even speculating that Marvel Studios might not even drop a trailer and continue to market the movies with hidden messages and Twitter antics between the directors and the cast. It seems to be working so far, why quit?

What do you make of the Russo brothers’ interactions with Mark Ruffalo and their fans?