Leave it up to the Russo brothers to work the internet up into a frenzy regarding the next Avengers film. We don’t even know what the name of it is yet. Doesn’t matter, because the fans are salivating with speculation about whatever image or sound byte pops up.

So, with that said, the recent image they posted on social media has done just that.

Recently released on twitter with the hashtag #wrapped, the Russos have managed to put the fans at an endless cycle of speculation as to what the image could mean for the upcoming Avengers movie. Could it be the title? Could it be an object on set that reveals the villain’s weakness? Is it a part of the new armor the team will wear in the Quantum Realm?

The History and Future of the Trolling

Previously, the Russo brothers put out a black and white image on Instagram with the caption “Look Hard.” This sent the internet on a desperate search throughout the picture to find some hint at whatever the Russo brothers were trying to indicate.

But the Russo brothers have been mum on the fan speculations. It’s hard to know if the fans are on the right track. That hasn’t stopped them from trying to interpret the title of the film from the image. One of the biggest guesses is that it could be Avengers: Endgame.

And with that, we have this recent image. No word on what it is, and some fan theories seem really plausible, while others are doing their best work at photoshop to decrease saturation and darken less important aspects of the picture to find out what it is. To no avail however, because it’s still just a piece of this puzzle that the Russos are throwing out at the audience.

The Real Spoiler?

Mark Ruffalo supposedly leaked not only the title, but key plot points about Avengers 4 on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Then there’s Chris Evans being speculated as potentially spoiling the film through his tweet. Many believe he was indicating that Steve Rogers would perish by the end of the film.

Whatever it might be, the cast and directors are doing their best at spreading the word about the next Avengers film.

We’ll all find out what these images might mean (or not) when the 4th Avengers film comes out May 3rd of next year.