DC Universe’s upcoming animated Harley Quinn series officially revealed their voice actor for the Joker. Sadly, for many fans it won’t be done by the iconic Mark Hamill. However, the man taking on the Joker already has some voice-acting credit to his name, and I’m sure he will quickly endear himself to fans. The new voice behind the Joker will be Alan Tudyk.

Tudyk is no stranger to the DC Universe. He was recently revealed to be the main villain for the first season of Doom Patrol in Mr. Nobody aka Eric Morden. He also has plenty of voice-acting chops. Most famously he gave voice to K-2SO in Rogue One. He also played Sonny in I, Robot. He’s also done work on The Adventures of Puss in Boots as Uli as well as a number of voice roles on American Dad! He’s also taken on the role Ludo, King River Butterfly, and King Butterfly in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

Tudyk’s role as the Joker was revealed in an interview with the voice of Batman for the Harley Quinn animated series, Diedrich Bader in an interview with Discussing Film.

Bader noted, “Alan Tudyk is Joker and is hilarious. I did a [recording] session with him a while ago, and he’s very funny as Joker.”

Bader made clear the new animated Harley Quinn show is definitely for a mature audience, “It’s funny, and it has a lot of dirty language in it. I’m not going to be watching it with my kids at this juncture, maybe in a couple of years when they are a little bit older. It’s kind of like an Adult Swim esque take on it. It’s darker, but it’s very funny.”

He added, “It’s kind of like bringing an adult sense of humor to what would normally be a kids medium. That’s sort of interesting. It’s an interesting take on it…It’ll definitely be worth a watch.”

The Harley Quinn animated series and Doom Patrol aren’t the only DC projects Tudyk has done. He gave voice to Green Arrow in Injustice 2, he starred as Van Wayne in Powerless, and he’s also played Barry Allen in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Harley Quinn will be voiced by Kaley Cuoco. The show will feature Poison Ivy, Sy Borgman, Dr. Psycho, Malice Vundabar, King Shark, and Clayface.