The Quartering’s Jeremy Hambly Files Suit Against Matt Loter – Nick Rekieta Breaks It Down

The Quartering’s Jeremy Hambly has filed a law suit against Matt Loter, after Loter allegedly assaulted him at the Tin Roof Bar while attending Gen Con. Following the alleged assault, Hambly would be indefinitely suspended by Gen Con.

According to Nick Rekeita, Hambly is represented by Bill Richmond. Richmond also represents Steven Crowder.

Hambly is suing Loter in an amount that “exceeds $75,000, exclusive of interest and costs.”

The claim, as read by Rekieta, indicates that Loter did in fact assault Hambly and the defendant admitted to it via a Facebook post where he used the language #PunchNazis after the alleged assault took. The language also insinuates that Loter deemed Hambly a Nazi.

The claim goes on to detail the multiple injuries allegedly suffered by Hambly. Those injuries include “burst blood vessels, head lumps, cuts on his arm, multiple bruises, and emotional and physical trauma preventing him from attending substantial portions Gen Con 2018, meetings scheduled with vendors and other obligations at Gen Con 2018, and creating Gen Con 2018 related content which would have resulted in substantial revenue for Hambly.”

The claim continues:

“The lost revenue includes but is not limited to the revenue generated from the lost viewers for the Gen Con 2018 content which would have been created but for the Defendant’s actions and the future revenue stream expected from the additional subscribers to TheQuartering and/or UnsleevedMedia that would have directly resulted from same.”

Hambly’s claim indicates that Loter allegedly attacked him before in Gen Con 2018 started in order to “maximize financial injury.” As far as the emotional injury Hambly exhibits the claim indicates he suffers from “anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and depressions.”

The claim then accuses Loter of battery and assault. The battery claim indicates Loter punched Hambly and yelled “I’m going to f****** kill you” during the attack. The batter count also indicates that Hambly suffered personal injuries, damage to his personal property, mental and emotional injury as well as increased security costs and lost profits.

The second count is assault, which recounts the attack and violent threat during the attack. It also references the broken window of the Tin Roof Bar which caused Hambly to suffer mental and emotional injury as well as increased security costs and lost profits.

Hambly wants to get Loter to be found accountable for the battery and assault. He wants compensatory damages, punitive damages, and cost. He also wants a preliminary and permanent injunction not allowing Loter to come with fifty yards of him. He wants to recoup his attorneys’ fees and costs as well as any other relief the Court deems just and proper.

What do you make of this lawsuit against Matt Loter? Do you think Hambly will win?



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