A Brand New Super Saiyan is Revealed in Dragon Ball Legends!

The popular mobile game Dragon Ball Legends introduced a brand new Super Saiyan.  That new Super Saiyan is Shallot.

If you’ve been playing Dragon Ball Legends, you know that Shallot has had a hard time unlocking Super Saiyan with even Goku confused as to why he couldn’t power up. However, with the help of Whis he’s finally made it happen.

Now, what caused this to finally happen? Shallot has been struggling for some time to unlock Super Saiyan. The issue appears he has to experience extreme trauma in order to go Super Saiyan. In Dragon Ball Legends that happens when Shallot and Vegeta are forced to do battle against Frieza. Frieza eventually kills Vegeta and it fuels Shallot’s emotions allowing him to get to that next level and become a Super Saiyan.

What’s really interesting about Shallot’s Super Saiyan transformation is that not only does his hair get the iconic golden hue, but his tail also becomes golden.

That allowed him to finally go Super Saiyan! And not only did he finally go blond, but his tail also becomes golden and intact during his Super Saiyan transformation.

It’s more than likely Shallot will continue his training with Goku and work on getting to Super Saiyan 2.

Ehat do you think of Shallot’s ascension into the Super Saiyan club? Was the death of Vegeta a fitting catalyst?

Need some more Dragon Ball action? Well, next week a remastered double feature by Fathom Events will come to select teachers in the United States. It will feature the movies Dragon Ball Z: Bardock: The Father of Goku and Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.  Then you have Dragon Ball Super: Broly hitting theaters in North America on January 16, 2019

The future is bright for the Dragon Ball Universe!


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