After bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc was arrested, Mark Waid’s lawyer Mark Zaid decided to compare him to members of Comicsgate.

Zaid would write:

“So this guy, 56 years old, lived with his mom, was in debt, alt-right Trump fanatic, I’m thinking he shares characteristics of many members of #ComicsGate.”

Zaid would then ask for people to donate to his client’s GO Fund Me page.

It’s unclear what Zaid’s intentions are by making this comparison. It’s possible he’s trying to bait members of Comicsgate into statements that he might use in Waid’s defense. Waid is being sued by Richard C. Meyer aka YouTuber Diversity & Comics for tortious interference and defamation. It’s also possible he just likes the potential attention his antics might get him.

Whatever the reason his comparison between the bomb suspect and Comicsgate is extremely vile.

This isn’t the first time Zaid has waded onto Twitter to take jabs at Comicsgate.

He’s also insinuated that Comicsgate is racist and a harassment movement. It’s possible this might be a tactic he plans to use in Waid’s defense because he repeats it numerous times.

It also appears that he believes that photoshopping his photo is somehow racist.

He continues to try and make a connection to Comicsgate and the Alt-Right and insinuates they are a harassment campaign.

He uses the same canned language multiple times.

He also believes that Comicsgate members are “scared.”

What do you make of Zaid’s comments? Do you think he is trying bait Comicsgate? Do you think he is showing his cards and defense strategy?

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